We have extensive experience in supporting Russian and international companies on current issues of labour and migration legislation, in relations with trade union organizations and during government inspections. We protect the interests of employers and employees (including top management) in labour and corporate conflicts both at the pre-trial stage and in courts.

Consulting services
  • Preparing, verifying, editing a full set of employment documents for various employee categories (depending on the selected employment basis)
  • Developing, adjusting various local regulations
  • Developing employee incentive schemes and benefit plans
  • Representing employers in their relationships with labour unions
  • Preparing documents and providing support to entities seeking to obtain work permits for employment of foreign nationals
  • Advising on income taxation of foreign nationals employed in the Russian Federation
  • Supporting resolution of occupational accidents at production sites
  • Advising on labour and immigration legislation related matters, occupational safety requirements, protection of data and employees’ personal information
  • Advising on calculation and payment of contributions to extra budgetary funds (Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation, Federal Fund of Mandatory Medical Insurance), and personal income tax
Human Resources audit
  • Performing comprehensive review of documents for compliance with labour, migration, corporate and tax legislation, occupational safety, personal data and confidential information protection requirements
  • Preparing recommendations, editing documents and drafting papers to mitigate risks identified while performing HR audit
Support during restructuring and optimization of personnel
  • Supporting labour procedures related to structural and shop-floor environment changes
  • Analyzing alternative legal personnel optimization tools (holidays without pay, secondment and/or skill development programmess, civil tools, etc.)
Assistance during inspections by oversight bodies
  • Preparation for a potential inspection by oversight bodies (including Federal Service on Labor and Employment, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation, etc.) to identify potential risks, draft and deploy risk mitigation action plans
  • Advocacy of a company during inspections performed by oversight bodies
  • Representing companies during administrative proceedings occurring if breaches of legislation were identified
Labour disputes and resolution of labour conflicts
  • Negotiating with employees and labour unions
  • Representing employers, top-management and employees in labour and other related corporate disputes in courts of all levels
  • Developing legal position and strategy to conduct a labour dispute
  • Preparing litigation documents


Legal support of HR procedures and legal support on employment and migration law matters
Full legal support for a Spanish pharmaceutical company to enter the Russian market
HR due diligence of the Russian part of a logistics group
HR due diligence of the Russian companies of a group during the acquisition of the company
Legal support for employee dismissal
Developing employee dismissal options to replace top management
Developing a bonus policy
Preparing a local employee compensation regulation
Legal support to implement a whistleblowing procedure
Developing local regulations for a company — a leading international packaging manufacturer
HR audit and representation of an international pharmaceutical company in employment disputes
Legal support of an HR audit of a company, representation in employment disputes with employees
Developing local regulations on employment, tax and social payments
Analysing all payments to employees of an international company — a wood product manufacturer. Preparing a comprehensive plan
Defence in an employment dispute, legal support on occupational safety issues
Successful representation of a company — a Japanese manufacturer of motor equipment — in an employment dispute with a regional manager
Legal HR audit and preparation of employment documentation
Analysing the scheme of employment relationships at an IT company for compliance with the current Russian legislation and the business strategy
Developing internal policies
Legal support on employment issues, development of local policies
Litigation support in a dispute with an employee being dismissed
Successful representation of a company in a dispute with an employee being dismissed because of a threat to business
Optimisation of internal processes in compliance with the current employment law
Detailed analysis of the corporate culture in a real estate development company and development of effective measures to make document management significantly easier
Litigation support in a dismissal case
Defence of one of the biggest gas producing companies in Europe in a long employment dispute with an employee


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