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Guidance support for compliance with article 54.1 of the Tax Code of Russia
Preparation of a set of documents and control procedures aimed at compliance with the conditions of article 54.1 of the Tax Code of Russia when making transactions and ensuring effective protection of taxpayers
Tax structuring of a RUB 4.8 billion transaction
Tax structuring of an acquisition of the largest unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturer
Tax support for group restructuring
Comprehensive tax support in the course of a project for restructuring of the Russian part of a group — a leading international technology supplier
Support of a global IT company for its transition to tax monitoring
Full support for transition to tax monitoring using the developed software solution
Tax support for corporation’s contract work
Support of a large international company to preventively assess and minimise tax risks at the stage of execution of contracts with both Russian and foreign counterparties
Legal support for a sale of a participatory interest in a Russian company to a consortium of Japanese companies
Increasing manageability and transparency of a company, comprehensive due diligence, and formation of governance bodies
Support for an acquisition of participatory interests in an IT company — a Skolkovo resident
Due diligence, analysis of the planned transaction structure, and preparation of its arrangements
Legal support for reorganisation of a telecommunication company
Legal support for reorganisation through merger of 14 legal entities
Defence in disputes under agreements with government customers
Representation of a company in a dispute over recovery of a debt and interest under a services contract
Legal support for the International Air Transport Association
Legal support of e-ticket legalization in Russia
Legal support during government procurement procedures, representing the client’s interests at the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service
Supporting a Russian computer manufacturer during government procurement of computer equipment
Supporting procurement disputes at the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service
Challenging tender awards, protection from supplier fraud
Legal HR audit and preparation of employment documentation
Analysing the scheme of employment relationships at an IT company for compliance with the current Russian legislation and the business strategy
Legal support in the acquisition of the exclusive right to a company’s key assets
Preparation of recommendations on documenting the acquisition of the exclusive right to an IT company’s key assets
Optimization of relationships within a group of companies in view of the intellectual property legislation
Restructuring of relationships between the parent company and a subsidiary of a cloud business platform developer
Transaction support, IP due diligence
Verification of rights to core assets — software developed by one of Russia’s top fintech companies, a Skolkovo resident
Transaction support during sale of a software developer
Support in the transfer of exclusive rights to use innovation software
Sanctions compliance for an engineering company
Consulting services as regards application of sanctions to the company
Assistance in a dispute with the Federal Customs Service
Representation of a major distributor of audio and visual and interactive equipment
Support in international transactions on the purchase of raw materials and supply of goods
Legal evaluation and recommendations on minimization of tax consequences, customs VAT and customs duties
Legal support in intercompany cross-border transactions
Legal support in the determination of the price of participatory interests in a foreign entity
Legal support of a specialized company operating as a payment centre
Development of a business model for a specialized company to operate as a payment centre
Drafting and analysis of contracts for an IT company
Drafting of contracts for a subsidiary to pay for services provided to it by the parent company
Legal support of a draft concession agreement in the IT sector
Preparation of a plan for the implementation of the project, drafting of a model concession agreement
Legal support for the reorganisation of a telecommunication company
Legal support for a merger of 14 legal entities
Support of an increase in the charter capital of a network integrator and communication provider
Organisation and support of the registration of a decision on additional issue of securities
Developing an optimal organisational structure for an IT company
Supporting restructuring of a group — a Russian market leader in automation of trading and catering companies
Preparing a confidentiality policy for app verification
Analysing Google API User Data requirements based on the GDPR and the US legislation
Analysing a system of settlements under a loyalty programme of a settlement non-banking credit institution
Reviewing the loyalty programme for compliance with the legislation
Legal support of a specialised company’s operation as a payment centre
Developing an operational scheme
Registration of a platform for virtual medical conferences at the Federal Service for Intellectual Property
Legal support for registration of a platform for virtual medical conferences as an invention at the Federal Service for Intellectual Property
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