FBK Legal Participates in Managerial Duel at Kutafin Moscow State Law University

19 October 2022

FBK Legal’s Senior Partner Alexander Ermolenko has judged the so-called “Managerial Duel”, a project of the Business Club of the Business Law Institute at Kutafin Moscow State Law University. Managerial duels were invented by Vladimir Tarasov (the author of The Art of Managerial Rivalry) and adjusted to be suitable for lawyers in this case. The Managerial Duel is an event that combines both educational and HR effects to develop soft skills.Eight senior students of the Business Law and Private Law Institutes of Kutafin University fought in duels. There were four qualifying duels, a duel for the third place and the final, six rounds in total.The students debated over proposed cases and judges — practising lawyers — decided whom they would rather choose to participate in negotiations.“I liked it very much. That was the first time that I participated and, to tell the truth, was not serious about the event: adults playing games. And it is really a game but, first of all, it is a fun game and, secondly, it is a useful game, because it educates and helps to understand weaknesses. As a result, what you have learnt becomes more helpful and more adjusted to future work,” Alexander Ermolenko said.

The Business Club is a big business community founded by the Business Law Institute of Kutafin Moscow State Law University, a top Russian educational institution. Its main objective is to unite students who have succeeded in the business environment and want to find like-minded people for further development.

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