Banking & finance

Our team has rich experience in providing services to banks, fintech companies and other financial institutions. In recent years, we have implemented dozens of successful projects. We can help you in the following areas.

Banking & finance
  • Due diligence (pre-investment review) of rights for shares/stocks of a lending institution, of its operations
  • Support in obtaining the preliminary approval of Bank of Russian for lending institution stock/share acquisition, legal support to reissuance of rights
  • Structuring and legal support of transactions in the banking sector
  • Legal support of changes in the registered capital of a lending institution and other corporate procedures carried out through Bank of Russia
  • Support in obtaining the preliminary approval from Bank of Russia for raising a subordinated loan and other instruments
  • Advising on lending institution operations
  • Developing structure of a payment service, drafting documents, legal support during implementation stage, supporting approval procedures with Bank of Russia
  • Challenging Bank of Russia regulations related to lending institutions
  • Tax consulting, tax audit and defense in tax disputes


Legal due diligence of a bank — a subsidiary
Due diligence of a bank’s business lines
Increase in the authorized capital of a bank
Legal support to increase the interest of a member in the bank’s authorized capital and increase the bank’s authorized capital
Due diligence and support of an acquisition of a non-state pension fund
Actuarial, financial, tax and legal due diligence of a non-state pension fund; support of a share purchase deal
Support of a bank’s restructuring
Developing several options to change the shareholding structure
Support to a large foreign bank in its operations in Russia
Legal support on corporate matters
Improving the insurance legislation in the Russian Federation
Developing proposals to prevent the practice of withholding assets by insurance companies
Legal support of a credit history bureau’s reorganisation
Support of corporate and registration actions, preparing corporate documents
Support to create an online bank
Providing support with the activities required to register an online bank in the Russian Federation
Analysis of a Russian bank’s compliance programme
Consulting services for a bank subject to the US blocking sanctions
Legal alignment of a European bank’s financial strategy
Development of corporate procedures, drafting of contracts
Tax audit of a bank
Reviewing transactions with derivatives, terms and conditions of securities trading
Support of an acquisition of a Moscow bank by a non-resident
Structuring and legal support of an acquisition
Legal support of an acquisition of shares in a Russian bank by a bank from Kazakhstan
Due diligence and deal support
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