Economic sanctions and sanctions compliance

We analyze companies' sanctions risks, develop sanctions compliance systems and advise on issues related to sanctions.

  • Analysis of risks of exposure to sanctions under the law of foreign countries
  • Analysis of sanctions risks (including secondary sanctions) for Russian and/or foreign natural and legal persons
  • Analysis of legal status and consequences of economic sanctions imposed on natural and/or legal persons
  • Analysis of contractual structures for potential violation of foreign sanctions law and development of contractual structures that mitigate adverse effects of foreign sanctions
  • Development of compliance procedures related to sanctions
  • Analysis of sanctions risks related to companies’ counterparties/industries and locations
  • Sanctions advisory


Consulting services for an entity subject to the US blocking sanctions (SDN-Syria)
Determination of the legal status and consequences of a legal entity’s being put on the blocking sanctions list
Analysis of risks of the imposition of blocking sanctions
Analysis of sanction clauses
Analysis of implications of the implementation of sanction clauses
Elaboration of recommendations to minimize identified risks
Consulting services for a company subject to sectoral sanctions
Analysis of financial feasibility of business models for field development
Analysis of sanctions risks in case of utilization of foreign industrial technologies
Consulting services for a fuel and energy company subject to the US sectoral sanctions
Analysis of a Russian bank’s compliance program
Consulting services for a bank subject to the US blocking sanctions
Analysis of a company’s business in terms of risks of the imposition of individual sanctions
Consulting services for an oil refining company
Sanctions compliance for an engineering company
Consulting services as regards application of sanctions to the company
Sanctions compliance for a representative office of a Bulgarian construction company
Consulting services as regards risks related to the imposition of bilateral sanctions


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