Services for private clients

We help private clients – beneficiaries of companies, wealthy individuals, members of their families – on any business and personal property issues.

We provide services for comprehensive legal support for personal and family investments, structuring transactions and minimizing tax risks. We prepare personal reporting forms, advise on all issues arising in connection with the preparation of reports.

We support clients in complex and contentious matters of family and inheritance law.

Private capital management
  • Supporting real estate sale/purchase transactions, particularly related to real estates
  • Comprehensive legal support of investments, particularly due diligence, structuring of transactions, mitigating tax risks
  • Personal sanctions compliance
  • Legality confirmation of income and property sources
  • Supporting start-up projects
  • Supporting charitable activities
  • Advising on labour/employment and immigration legislation
Legal protection in disputes
  • Legal support in corporate conflicts
  • Supporting personal bankruptcy cases
  • Reputation protection
  • Legal protection in labour disputes
  • Representation in courts of general jurisdiction
  • Advising on disclosure of information on existing CFC structures, their creation and taxation, declaration of ownership or equity participation in such companies, advice on liquidation and transfer of assets, restructuring of companies in order to minimize tax risks and burdens
  • Advising private individuals on matters of voluntary declaration of assets and bank (deposit) accounts
  • Advising on taxation, particularly on tax amnesty matters
  • Completing and submitting personal income tax forms
Family and succession law
  • Supporting pre-trial settlement of family disputes, drafting alimony agreements and agreements on the division of property
  • Litigation for family and inheritance disputes
  • Supporting in disputes related to divorces, including division of jointly acquired property, determining the place of residence of common children and the procedure for communicating with them, exemption from the obligation to pay alimony
  • Supporting in matters of establishing paternity, the rights of the child's parents and the procedure for resolving individual disputes between the child's parents
  • Interaction with government authorities on issues related to the rights of parents and children
  • Drafting marriage contracts
  • Inheritance planning and representation of interests of heirs during the inheritance process
  • Advising on family and succession law, as well as related issues


Support in a private investor’s M&A
Assistance in a deal on the acquisition of a 60% share in a US oil company
Support in a $50 million deal
Representation of a private investor in the acquisition of a Vietnamese company
Support in investments in cottage estates
Legal and tax support in investments in Spain
Support in the acquisition of a private business jet
Structuring of a deal on the purchase of a private jet
Legal defence of a shareholder in a corporate conflict
Effective representation of a shareholder’s interests before and during action in a long-lasting conflict with business partners
Support in a deal on the acquisition of luxury real estate
Due diligence of real estate developers for minimization of risks, negotiation of the terms of a co-investment agreement
Defence in a complex inheritance dispute for a total amount of $10 million
Representation of our client in several complex inheritance disputes, partially subject to a foreign jurisdiction
Litigation with a social welfare agency
Representation of the client in a case on the recognition of the client’s family as a multi-child family
Legal support concerning inclusion of trust property in community property of spouses
Advice concerning a property division dispute in a Russian court
Support in parental disputes
Advice on the determination of paternity, parental rights, and other matters
Support in litigation over division of community property of spouses
Defence of the wife’s property interests during divorce and division of property
Legal support in divorce
Drafting of a property division and alimony agreement
Legal support in divorce
Legal support in administrative divorce proceedings
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