Intellectual property

We assist in the registration of rights to intellectual property objects, conduct legal due diligence of such objects and support transactions with them. We have extensive experience in representing clients in disputes related to the protection of intellectual property in the courts of the Russian Federation at all levels, including the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation and the Chamber for Patent Disputes.

Registering intellectual property rights and relevant transactions
  • Registering intellectual property rights in foreign jurisdictions (national registration systems, Madrid System, PCT, GCC etc.)
  • Verifying trade marks for identity and similarity, patent search and expert review
  • Protecting and keeping in force intellectual properties
  • Entering trade marks into the customs service intellectual property register
  • Supporting transactions on exclusive  intellectual property rights assignment
  • Assigning and protecting intellectual property rights during merger and/or acquisition transactions
Advising on intellectual property protection
  • Advising on all aspects of intellectual property protectability
  • Exercising of intellectual property rights for import and export of goods
  • Tax advisory services for intellectual property related transactions
  • Advising on Internet business (e-commerce)
  • Advising on unfair competition in the field of intellectual property rights
Drafting contracts
  • license agreements and agreements on assignment of exclusive rights for results of intellectual activity.
  • franchise agreements;
  • copyright and ordering agreements, including trade mark and software development agreements;
  • know-how transfer and confidential information disclosure agreements;
  • confidentiality agreements and provisions;
  • research and development contracts;
  • developing and analysing provisions of distribution agreements, service agreements, agency and other agreements related to protection of intellectual property, software, personal and confidential information.
Supporting disputes on intellectual property protection
  • Trade and service mark disputes
  • Patent disputes
  • Domain disputes
  • Protection of copyright and related rights, particularly on the Internet
  • Confidential information protection and trade secret disputes
  • Disputes on honour, dignity, business reputation and other intangible assets protection
  • Disputes arising from contracts related to creation, usage, assigning of intellectual properties;
  • Disputes on unfair competition
  • Disputes on counterfeit products
IP due diligence
  • Analysing appropriateness of entity’ registration of rights for intellectual properties, in particular for inventions, trade/service marks, computer software.


Intellectual property legal support
Support in the registration of trademarks, medical products, defence against unlicensed distributors
Defence in disputes concerning invalidation of contracts of alienation of exclusive rights to trademarks
Effective commercial litigation, including in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, in a dispute concerning invalidation of a contract of alienation of eight trademarks
Legal support on intellectual property matters during the creation of a JV
Advice to a company and its majority investor on a number of intellectual property matters, in particular, procedures for acquiring exclusive rights to a state-of-the-art technology
Contesting Rospatent’s decision to deny registration of trademarks
Effective representation of an international recruitment company in Rospatent, in a dispute concerning denied registration of the company’s trademark in Russia
Legal support in the acquisition of the exclusive right to a company’s key assets
Preparation of recommendations on documenting the acquisition of the exclusive right to an IT company’s key assets
Comprehensive support on intellectual property matters
Structuring of a license agreement, support in the registration of a trademark and transactions with intellectual property
Assistance in the conclusion of a license agreement
Comprehensive legal and tax support during the conclusion of a license agreement on the use of trademarks
Legal support in a project of a non-profit foundation
Ensuring compliance with intellectual property legislation in a joint project of the Ministry of Finance of Russia and the World Bank
Optimization of relationships within a group of companies in view of the intellectual property legislation
Restructuring of relationships between the parent company and a subsidiary of a cloud business platform developer
Support in a transaction on the acquisition of rights to use a patent for an invention and international registration of the invention
Legal transaction support, advice on registration procedures
Transaction support, IP due diligence
Verification of rights to core assets — software developed by one of Russia’s top fintech companies, a Skolkovo resident
Registration of a patent in nine jurisdictions
Registration of patents for an invention of a large engineering company
Transaction support during sale of a software developer
Support in the transfer of exclusive rights to use innovation software
Intellectual property legal support
Verification of the existence and contestability of rights to intellectual property
Support in the transfer of intangible assets
Framing of an agreement on the transfer of exclusive rights to the client’s key assets


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