We help companies operating in the telecommunications, media and technology sectors on the full range of legal and tax issues, support transactions and corporate procedures, and advise on industry laws.

For more than 10 years, we have been providing services in the field of personal data together with FBK Cybersecurity specialists.

Corporate law
  • Legal support of entity reorganization, liquidation and incorporation procedures, incorporation of complex legal structures
  • Comprehensive transaction support, in particular assigning exclusive rights for software usage, sale of an electronic payment system and tax structuring of transactions.
  • Legal due diligence
  • Legal support of procedures to increase the registered capital
  • Drafting corporate documents, local papers, contracts
Legal start-up support
  • Legal support to establishment of a on-line bank
  • Legal support for launching a social media network, preparing recommendations on intellectual property and subsequent licensing; assessment of software risks while including a potential social media network into the registered capital.
  • Legal support of a multi-purpose payment service development and implementation project.
Legal support of telecommunication, mass media and technology companies’ business operations
  • Advising on Internet business (e-commerce)
  • Providing advice and support to comprehensive projects in the “e-money” business.
  • Legal support of assigning IP rights, in particular development of a step-by-step strategy, analysis of tax effects on future transactions and drafting recommendations to achieve the most favourable terms.
  • Legal support of corporate network launch, in particular tax structuring and tax accounting of expenses within a contract to develop a website management system; consulting services on the Russian intellectual property legislation; analysing business practices of assigning intellectual property rights.
  • Consulting matters related to personal data protection
  • Legal support for financing and performing R&D operations
  • Advising on applicable industry specific legislation
  • Antitrust regulations, particularly supporting procurement operations and representation in court
  • Legal support of intellectual property related matters and intellectual property dispute resolution
  • Tax consulting, tax audit
  • Legal support of licensing and certification activities of an entity
  • Supporting registration procedures
Personal data
  • Analysis of personal data processing, identification of necessary measures to ensure the security of personal data.
  • Drafting and editing a complete set of regulatory and organizational and administrative documents.
  • Analysis of the need to send a notification of the intention to process personal data to Roskomnadzor, consulting when submitting a notification.
  • Preparation for Roskomnadzor inspection.
  • Advising on various issues of personal data processing (website design, obtaining consent, localization, transfer of personal data to third parties, cross-border transfer, etc.)
  • Personal data protection services with the participation of FBK Cybersecurity.
  • Checking compliance of personal data processing with the GDPR and advising on its application, if necessary with the participation of foreign partners.


Legal support for the reorganisation of a telecommunication company
Legal support for a merger of 14 legal entities
Support of an increase in the charter capital of a network integrator and communication provider
Organisation and support of the registration of a decision on additional issue of securities
Comprehensive audit of personal data processing
Advising on personal data safety and documentation system
Review of personal data processing at a trading company
Developing (updating) internal documents
Compliance of personal data-related processes
Developing local regulations
Advisory on the personal data law in comparison with the GDPR
Studying legal regulation of personal data processing
Developing a personal data protection regulation
Comprehensive support to an international airline company on personal data issues
Developing an optimal organisational structure for an IT company
Supporting restructuring of a group — a Russian market leader in automation of trading and catering companies
Preparing a confidentiality policy for app verification
Analysing Google API User Data requirements based on the GDPR and the US legislation
Analysing a system of settlements under a loyalty programme of a settlement non-banking credit institution
Reviewing the loyalty programme for compliance with the legislation
Legal support of a specialised company’s operation as a payment centre
Developing an operational scheme


Russia implements Tax changes in respect of IT industry
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