FBK Legal at International Forum Organised by Kutafin Law University

24 april 2022

Lawyers from the Department of Tax Services and Digital Solutions have spoken about intercompany services, tax clauses in domestic transactions and a systemic approach to taxpayer protection under article 54.1 of the Russian Tax Code.

Alexander Grigoriev’s speech about intercompany transactions covered such topics as redistribution of resources in a group of companies, lack of damage to the group’s budget, business splitting, and nuances of asset ownership and operating activities. In the end, he spoke about service fee calculation and risks associated with fee payment.

Ekaterina Subbotina focused on tax clauses in domestic transactions, explained how to protect yourself from tax losses by civil law methods and analysed hidden hazards of tax loss compensation. The speaker clarified how customers can protect themselves by a tax clause and shared examples of that clause in foreign jurisdiction agreements.

Irina Fedoskina spoke about a systemic approach to taxpayer protection under article 54.1 of the Russian Tax Code, listed tax control trends, explained their meaning and named the top 10 key focus areas of the Federal Tax Service in 2022. The speaker mentioned the restriction of the right to collect and produce evidence and explained important aspects of disclosure during tax reconstruction. The lawyer also shared effective measures for protection against claims.

The Fourth International Tax Law Forum was held at Kutafin Moscow State Law University on 19 May 2022. The event was organised by the Tax Law Department and the student scientific community of the university with the assistance from the Russian Federal Tax Service and the Association of Bona Fide Agricultural Market Players.

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